Canoe and Camp

Our unique offer of woodland camping only accessed by boat has quickly become popular since we introduced them a couple of years ago. This year we have added extra routes to our camping packages to allow those with less time, or those wanting to paddle multiday trips the opportunity to do so. Once you arrive at the woodland, you have your own clearing complete with long drop loo, log store and most importantly campfire. Our luggage service will allow you to paddle a light boat and make portages easier, with your luggage waiting for you in your clearing for when you arrive.

Brandon Pazitika – 5 star Review

"Two day canoe down the Great Ouse river, and camp in Matchstick Wood. Excellent little weekend adventure! Love back to basics camping. Ash and Rich are great. Super friendly and helpful before and during the trip. Will definitely be doing this again, and bringing friends!"

Woodland Camping