Wanderlust Magazine’s “Experience More For Less How to Have a Micro Adventure?”

Canoe Trail feature in Wanderlust Magazine Again
Canoe Trail feature in Wanderlust Magazine Again

Wanderlust Magazine Feature Canoe Trail -  “Experience More For Less – How to Have a Micro Adventure?”


Wanderlust’s assistant editor Rhodri Andrews joined us for a 24 hour micro adventure with Canoe Trail’s Rich and Ash (Directors and Instructors) to find out more abour Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Micro Adventures. ~What followed over the next day or so was an awakening to the possibility of fantastic adventures on our doorstep using the Red Paddle Co’s SUP’s.

Rhodri Said…

“Keep your eyes peeled for otters playing on the riverbank,” said my guide, Richard as we paddled along the ink-black water. I couldn't help but notice my wild surroundings: lush overhanging boughs lined the river's fringes while small, disused jetties were enveloped by long grass. No sign of those otters just yet, though.

Sounds like a normal wild escape? Well, you’re half right. Little over half an hour previously, I was sipping coffee in King’s Cross train station, which along with neighbour St Pancras is one of Britain’s busiest. Flurries of commuters moved at a furious pace, anxious to get home for the evening. Others made a beeline for more continental climes aboard the Eurostar. Me? I was bound for the River Great Ouse in Bedfordshire – admittedly not a name that immediately springs off the lips of adventure travel but the sense of the unknown was part of the thrill. It would also be the location of my first microadventure, an overnight outdoor escape which is designed to work around people’s daily working lives.

So here I was, 30 minutes after boarding a packed Thameslink train, standing by the banks of the Great Ouse complete with wetsuit and cagoule. I was listening intently to my guide, Richard Harpham, who co-runs Canoe Trail with his wife, Ashley, a UK tour company that primarily specialises in water-based adventures. I was attempting stand-up paddleboarding (commonly abbreviated to SUP) for the first time, a sport where you're upright on a board similar to those used in surfing and armed with a paddle for propulsion; it's also one of the fastest-growing sports in the UK.”

We were delighted to host Wanderlust and glad they loved the woodland, river and paddling adventure. This is not the first time Canoe Trail and Rich have featured in the magazine. Funnily enough we then contributed to a ‘How to SUP Guide” in Wanderlust later in the year.


You can see the full article and piece here