Adventure School

Canoe Trail is a family-run, multi-award-winning, watersports and adventure business that runs a wide range of outdoor activities across the UK and further afield. Canoe Trail’s instructors and programmes are structured around years of experience inspiring and teaching outdoor activities and life skills. 

Canoe Trail’s Adventure School programme, provides a unique blend of paddling activities, adventure skills, and life skills in a fun action-packed week or shorter 3 day and day-long formats.

Sir Ran Fiennes (World’s Greatest Living Explorer offered these words about Adventure School…)

"Adventure School is a fantastic programme for young people offering a blend of outdoor activities and all important life skills. I have long maintained on my expeditions that selecting people with the right personal attributes is the key to success as you can teach and train the technical aspects.  I am convinced that Adventure School will provide many young people with the foundation and grounding in life skills such as team work, leadership, problem solving and decision making to give them the best start in life. It will change lives and help prepare them for future challenges. Happy adventuring.”