Local Friends

Buying local is important to us. We support local and British suppliers wherever possible in a number of different ways

Buy Local
Browns of Stagsden
Local farming family Browns of Stagsden(est 1959) provide our free range and
high welfare standard meat for all our canoe and camping trips from youth
camps to corporate events and also our popular free range food hampers. You
may be able to buy cheaper but not better. The meat travels 15 miles field to
fork in many cases and the farm shop is less than ½ mile from our offices.
Sinfields Fruit and Veg
Sinfields are a family run fruit and veg business with over 100 years experience
of supplying fantastic fruit and veg at good prices. They are local to us and
located in the same village as our riverside woodland campsite. We have used
them for years on Bedford market so it is great to work with them for the
business as well.
GCH Fish
GCH are our local fish mongers with an eye for the best fish, sustainability and
years of experience. Although founded in 2015 as a ‘new family’ business dad
Gary has been in the fish trade for years and was the seafood specialist for
Tesco’s. Son George was a trainer for fish operations for a large supermarket
and both of them have been active in the fishing trade industry. We are proud
to work with them to supply high quality fish for our customers and BBQ’s.

Buy British
Silverbirch Canoes and Tootega Kayaks
We have worked with British manufacturer Silver Birch Canoes since the
beginning and have known Director Steve for decades through the world of surf
kayaking. Friends and suppliers we have changed all of our fleet to Silverbirch
using their Duralite plastic and have 15ft, 16ft and 17ft Duracore canoes with
over 35 in the fleet in a variety of stunning colours.
We use the same canoes for our white water training opting for their highline
models and offer a try before you buy service with a demo fleet. Based in
Attleborough we love visiting and loading up new canoes. We sell new and second hand
silver birch canoes. They also produce the Tootega ‘sit on top’ range with fantastic hatches,
fittings and even rod holders for fishing.
Motiv Trailers
Motiv are in our opinion the best trailers on the market. We changed over 3 of
our trailer fleet to their robust and functional trailers each one being

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