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Paddlesport Skills Coaching

Our Paddlesport Skills coaching provides an opportunity for dedicated coaching from our professional instructor team working on new skills and techniques. It is less formal than a qualification but gives you access to the same instruction, hints and tips, and expertise. You can choose from a canoe, kayak, or SUP. Here at Canoe Trail, we have one of the largest fleets of canoes, kayaks, and SUP’s in the country including a range of different shapes, formats, and designs.

Develop some of the more traditional skills in a canoe such as:

- Poling
- Lining and tracking
- Rescues (please note during COVID rescues have certain restrictions)
- Learning the J Stroke
- Power Strokes and Prys
- Bow Rudders

Similarly, in kayaks we can help with:

- Sweep strokes and effective turning
- Stern and bow rudders
- Bracing and support strokes
- Rolling technique (currently this would be socially distanced and demo only)
- Capsize and rescue skills
- Moving sideways

And last but not least we can help with SUP Skills:

We have lots of instructors who are both experienced coaches and SUP instructors. We were voted TOP 3 UK destinations for SUP adventures by Red Bull Magazine and have also featured in Wanderlust and Paddler Magazines for SUP’ing.

We can help you develop stand up paddle board skills including: 

- Effective forward paddling
- Varying power and cadence
- Paddling on one side and bi-lateral performance
- Steering and turning
- Moving around the board
- Pivot turns
- Tail stands and head stands!

 We can also provide specific tuition and coaching for:

- Basic Sea Kayaking Skills
- Kayak Racing Skills
- Canoe Racing Skills
- SUP Fitness and core Skills
- Advanced SUP Skills
- Moving Water and white water skills
- Expeditions Canoe & Kayak Skills
- Rescues and ropework

We can also organise trips and courses in different locations and regularly support charity events. More than that as international guides they also have vast experience in different rivers and seas in many other countries. Through this, they also believe in passing on useful hints and tips and strategies to improve your paddling skills.