Giant XL Stand Up Paddle Board SUP

Giant SUP

The ‘big beastie’ as it is affectionately known can hold 8 or more paddlers on a giant inflatable board. Canoe Trail was one of the first companies in the country to get a Giant XL SUP and this year we are adding a second board to the fleet allowing us to offer head to head racing and team games on stand up paddle boards.

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Zorbs on the Water


Canoe Trail is the proud owner of a big pair of balls called Zorbs. There is nothing quite like messing around on the water and Zorbing is definitely a white knuckle ride and lots of fun.  Put simply you climb inside a large inflatable ball and launch yourself onto the water and run around like a hamster.

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Archery for beginners and groups in a number of different locations including our woodland area. Archery is an ancient skill and great fun for participants of all ages. Like all of our Canoe Trail activities, we offer safe, authentic, and fun instruction to enable you to experience archery at one of our sites.

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