Scotland The Land of Rainbows and Perfect Paddling

Rainbow in Scotland

We have called time for another Autumn paddling season in Scotland running our best of Scotland and Great Glen canoe expedition.

Scotland never fails to deliver and left all of us feeling replete with joy from so many incredible views, sunsets and reflections. There were definite thrills and spills with capsizes on rapids to mirror calm conditions on Loch Tay to blowing an absolute gales on Loch Ness. And so many stunning rainbows providing picture postcard images and a little bit of liquid sunshine.

There was a fantastic “can do” attitude amongst our customers ranging in age from mid thirties to “not their first rodeo” who enjoyed wild camping, campfire TV, culinary delights and plenty of excitement. The bits you can’t predict including Royal Air Force flybys, a white stag on a loch island, Smor’s falling into the fire and an epic gorge walk including water falls galore. Our usual tradition of swimming in the loch was not absent although a trifle chilly – various team members swam in different locations with the odd gasp and ode to the Gods of cold water!!

Our group included regular customers who had shared time with us on our Yukon Canoe Expedition as well as those who book regular coaching sessions in canoe and kayak. Perhaps a fond word for James and Jill, mother and son combo who embarked on this trip having never paddled before. Every day we were treated to their jokes, laughs and smiles. Well done folks. For us the camaraderie with the team is always our fondest memories swapping stories and anecdotes around the camp fire aka cave man or cave women TV!

There was of course some ‘water of life’ flowing as whiskey and canoeing go together like strawberries and cream. As foodies we are always keen to share different campfire recipes and some of the favourite meals this time included;

  • Free range chorizo and 3 bean stew
  • Thai Sweet Potato stew with crusty bread
  • Black and blue free range burgers from our local farm shop

For each of us we took something different from a week away from digital devices and the frantic pace of modern life, put simply it replenished the soul and left us in a state of calm.

We have run two trips with different customers and staff, our Great Glen Canoe Trail exped where we paddled from Fort William to Inverness across Scotland and our Best of Scotland based from Loch Tay where we paddled Loch Tay, River Teith, River Tay and Loch Lomond. We practiced and coached a wide range of paddling skills with our customers including:

  • Breaking in and breaking out
  • Ferry gliding
  • Surfing waves
  • Rescues and swim lines
  • Poling
  • Sailing
  • Camp craft

The icing on the cake our customers informed us that they had booked after seeing us in the Times!!! We didn’t even know they had written about us. Fame beckons! Read more here.

Heading home was that perfect blend of looking forward to home comforts and the rest of our dogs through to sadness at leaving this stunning wilderness. Thank you, Scotland, and Good Night!