Canoe Trail runs bushcraft events in our woodland and other fine locations, teaching a great blend of skills ranging from adventurous activities, through to traditional skills used by our forefathers.

Many of our bushcraft activities are focused on teaching adventure skills that are interesting and important to know. We draw upon Richard’s experience as a professional adventurer accomplishing human-powered expeditions around the world. We also work closely with Woodland Ways, the UK’s leading bushcraft company for more advanced techniques and specific sessions.

Shelter Building

woodland bushcraft shelter in the woods

Groups can learn simple skills and techniques from the Canoe Trail team. Typically we set shelter building competitions with groups. Richard learned shelter building whilst in Scouts under the tutelage of Scout Leader, Tira Dawson. He can share a wide range of different designs for shelter building. On his own adventures, he also uses tarps, bivvy bags, and tents to complete longer journeys by bike, kayak, and canoe. 

Fire Lighting

Enjoy the challenge and magic of creating and lighting a campfire in a woodland setting. Canoe Trail has a wide range of stoves, cooking equipment, and Kelly kettles that are the basis of any good camping experience. We teach a variety of practical and everyday skills for fire lighting including hints and tips, tinder, flint, and steel and grading the wood. Groups are shown basis skills before being set a fire-lighting challenge.

Campfire Cooking

We like nothing better than sharing our culinary delights with campfire cooking. Create almost any meals and dishes from the comfort of our woodland. From simplest treats to more complex meals including:

- S'mores
- Muffins in orange
- Chocolate bananas
- Woodland stews
- Stuffed chicken
- Baked fish and much more.

Ropes & Knots

We use ropework, low ropes, and problem-solving team challenges to provide a competitive environment. Useful knots we teach include:

- Clove hitches
- Figure of 8’s
- Bowlines
- Round Turn & 2 half hitches
- Square lashings
- Sheet bends & double Sheet bends
- Reef knots
- Highwayman hitches

Team Challenges

Team challenges are a proven winner with most groups.

It gives the learning meaning and purpose, for example when teams are learning knots they have a chance to apply the skills. Examples of team challenges:- Low ropes
- River crossings
- Tallest tower
- Building frames and structures
- Burn the string
- 5 knot challenge
- Raft Building
- Reef knots
- Highwayman hitches

Bushcraft & Art

Bushcraft art is a firm favourite with schools, youth groups, and team events.

Participants get to make bowls, spoons and also making art using hot embers and sharp tools including knives and saws.

We have seen some incredible creative skills from individuals and groups depicting scenes, tribal artwork, and key slogans they wish to share. We have used drills and saws to enhance these and the occasional bit of paracord.


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