6th to 8th October 2024

Nestled on the Scottish Borders, this canoe trip explores one of Britain’s best canoeing rivers. It includes a wild camp on the banks of the River. Secure a place with £100 (non refundable) deposit and our instalment payment option.

If you are not able to book this trip then it is at full capacity so please contact us. If have a group of friends that you wish to book we can run a bespoke trip for your group.

Dates & Requirements

Next  Trip Dates: 6th to 8th October 2024

We welcome all abilities, however, you need to have some experience of paddling a canoe. Feel free to contact us to discuss further. We can help bring your skills up to speed with our lessons and courses.

Trip Details

The Scottish Borders this canoe trip explores one of Britain’s best canoeing rivers for practicing moving water and trad (traditional) skills such as poling, lining and tracking. The river banks change from winding fields to rocky outcrops and features and ancient Ghilie huts.

Starting at the historic border town of Kelso we paddle down to Coldstream and then onto Norham and the historic walled town of Berwick.  The historic route includes stunning bridges, ruined castles and viaducts to explore. This river journey incorporates a mixture of small rapids and drops as well as peaceful paddling through stunning scenery. You will have plenty of opportunities to improve your paddling skills with our qualified and experienced coaches eager to share their knowledge. This is the perfect place to work on 'breaking in', 'breaking out' and ferry gliding as well as board handling such as trim, edge and forward paddling.

Two nights will be spent wild camping on the riverbank, enjoy our free-range evening meals, and sharing stories around the campfire.


  • Expert tuition from professional experienced guides who have run expeditions and adventures all over the world
  • Breakfast and evening meal
  • Hire of drysuits is available on a first-come-first-served basis
  • Craft, BA’s, Cags, Trousers, Helmets, Drybags, Paddles, and safety equipment

What you will need to bring

  • Personal Kit
  • Sleeping Bag and Roll Mat
  • Cutlery, Cup, Bowl, Knife and Fork
  • A Sense of Humour!

Trip Plan

Day 1: Canoeing from Kelso to Coldstream - The Perfect Warm-up

Embark on an exciting canoeing adventure along the picturesque River Tweed, starting from Kelso near the historic abbey and border town. This first day serves as a delightful warm-up, featuring gentle rapids, weirs, and fascinating river features to explore. Immerse yourself in the beauty of one of Britain's finest canoeing rivers while enjoying the thrill of wild camping along the riverbank.

Day 2: Canoeing the River Tweed from Coldstream - Unleash Your Skills

Continue your exhilarating journey down the River Tweed from Coldstream, as we venture towards the bridge, providing opportunities to play and navigate moving waters. Throughout this leg of the trip, you'll encounter smaller weirs, drops, and even a captivating whirlpool, perfect for refining your whitewater skills under the guidance of our expert coaching team. After an action-packed day, we'll set up camp in a tranquil woodland downstream, where you can choose between sleeping in tents or swinging in hammocks. Indulge in a hearty campfire-cooked breakfast to fuel your adventures.

Day 3: Canoeing the River Tweed to Berwick Upon Tweed - Creating Lasting Memories

Join us once again on the dynamic conveyor belt that is the River Tweed as we make our way towards the historic town of Berwick Upon Tweed. With more time to develop your skills and learn new techniques, you'll have an unforgettable experience among our enthusiastic group. Witness the iconic viaducts of Berwick Upon Tweed as the ancient walled town comes into view, marking the conclusion of our exhilarating paddling adventure. Bid farewell to your newfound friends until the next thrilling expedition, cherishing the memories made along the way.

Please Note: The itinerary is subject to change if deemed necessary by Canoe Trail. Vehicle shuttles will be arranged from the start locations to the end destination. This allows ample time for customers to practice their skills on the water. Depending on water levels, we may occasionally switch to the local River Till on the first day, ensuring an equally fantastic experience.


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