Camp Activities

Overcome different challenges and problems, including simple rope bridges, commando crossings, Tyrolean single ropes, and various scrambling and balancing challenges. We also provide archery, and can organise a mini archery competition. Some companies opt for a night in our woodland campsite as part of their adventure.

Try simple bushcraft challenges from Kelly Kettles to shelter building and our infamous river crossing challenge. We have infinite possibilities on our low ropes course as we set it up in our woodland each time. 

Corporate Residential Events: Some of our corporate events opt for a night in our woodland campsite as part of their adventure. We also provide options for local accommodation including the lodges at Clophill Heritage Trust and some other unique settings. Just let us know and we will sort it.

Provision of Camping Equipment: Canoe Trail has a broad range of camping equipment and tents including our popular tepees which accommodate 8-10 people in a traditional wigwam style tent. You can opt to have your tents erected and kit delivered for an additional charge. We can provide Woodland movies using our generator and projector set up with popcorn available on the open fire.

We can provide yummy food options with free-range meat and goodies supplied from our local farm shop. There are also local restaurants either on the river bank or close by. You can use our industrial sized campfire grills and dutch ovens for a campfire BBQ.