Canoe Trail is the proud owner of a big pair of balls called Zorbs. There is nothing quite like messing around on the water and Zorbing is definitely a white knuckle ride and lots of fun.  Put simply you climb inside a large inflatable ball and launch yourself onto the water and run around like a hamster.

Canoe Trail has a number of zorbs including a large cylindrical barrel / tube which can fit 2-3 people inside it for more fun and games.

Zorbs are a great addition to a corporate event, team building day or kids party. Our staff are fully trained and the Zorbs are tethered by a safety rope to stop being going to far afield.  The duration for each zorb ride is 5 mins on the spherical type and 10 mins on the barrel so it is best to link this activity with something else for larger groups to keep people involved.

Talk to us about your activity plans and we can tailor it for you