This is great fun for the whole family.  The aim of the game is to use the given materials and produce the biggest tower in a set amount of time. 

You can up the stakes by setting a rule that the tower needs to be strong enough to hold a tin of beans or potato. 

If you want to be really daring, why not make it strong enough to hold a melon which provides a great snack and refreshment once you finish. The materials you can use to build your tower and whatever you have to hand, newspaper, sticks, lego, paper, cardboard, and then something to hold it together with, such as tape or string. 

Use your best engineering skills to master height versus strength. Once you have mastered the basics you could set the challenge to a family member via the web and go head to head from different parts of the country. 

We would love to see your tallest towers and who can achieve the greatest height, best structure, or just wins on style.


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