This one is the best outside challenge as a problem-solving exercise.

We often run this challenge with our adventure school.  If you are you have younger kids make sure you help with adult supervision.  You can be run this indoors by making a hook to go on the end of the pole and the aim is to retrieve something out of reach.

All you need are some garden canes or sticks or walking poles/ sticks or chopsticks or rulers or any combination of the above. Use tape or string to tie them together (or elastic bands) and then attach your candle or hook (if doing it inside).  You will have a string set up approx 2 metres away or further which is your target. 

If you are outside, don’t forget to consider making a shield for your candle so it doesn’t blow out. Once you have it nailed try and see if you can improve it against the clock or by making the string further away.  

Don’t forget the old adage of Plan, Do, and Review.


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