Canoe Trail has teamed up with Bedford Borough Council in partnership to provide white water training in Bedford for Canoe and Kayak which we are fondly calling ‘Ride the Rapids’.

We have a new license to use the Etienne Stott White Water Arena (named after our London 2012 Gold Medallist in Canoe Slalom) for learning about moving water and paddling in more challenging conditions.


Using our expert coaching team this allows us the opportunity to help develop the paddling skills of our (over 18) customers for white water rivers and expeditions. The White Water Arena makes use of two sluice gates and allows us to alter the flow rate and conditions to introduce gentle flow to significant waves and white water. The arena is an enclosed area that is free from trees and other hazards such as rocks making it the perfect place to hone and develop new white water skills. This is great preparation for progressing in the world of paddling or for expeditions and qualifications.

We are running a series of day long courses where adult (over 18)  customers can develop their skills in a fun and safe way with our team of professional instructors.  There are options to hire dry suits and try out different kit on the moving water.   As part of our moving water introduction we will focus on different techniques including:

  • ‘Breaking in’ to the moving water
  • ‘Breaking out’ of the moving water
  • Crossing the flow
  • Support strokes
  • Accelerating and driving the canoe or kayak forward
  • Using edge, trim and angle to improve performance
  • Rescues including swim lines, curling and ‘T’ rescues
  • Selection of appropriate paddle strokes
  • Styling out some ‘old school’ moves

We aim to tailor sessions to meet your specific requirements so please let our instructors know of any goals or aims you have.