Openly Mentioning the other ‘C’ word…Canoeing. Canoe Trail's revised operating practice with regards to COVID 19.

To our fabulous customers

We are open for business and still working hard to share our love of the outdoors. We are of course taking the virus seriously and will monitor updates but also now possibly more than ever, time outdoors in green and blue spaces is one way to balance personal health, reduce stress and worry, and of course improve well-being.

We would like to reassure all of our customers that we are doing everything we can to minimise the risk of Covid-19 (Corona Virus). We are keeping up to date with Government advice and implementing measures as necessary.

Health and Safety including hygiene is a number one priority at Canoe Trail. Our professional instructors hold a mix of first aid, food hygiene, mental health and other qualifications and understand the need to manage the risks where ever possible.
We have considered other ways we can provide the safest possible outdoor environment for our staff and customers and have listed these on our website. They include regular use of hand sanitiser, independent travel options travelling in small groups and avoiding activities if you have any of the symptoms.

We will post updates as we respond to any new advice.

Thanks and stay positive. 

More Detailed information

We have always put health and safety as our number one business objective as well as encouraging learning and having fun as an outdoor activities company and we will continue to manage risks and put customer health first. We have listed some practical measures as a business we are taking to reduce the virus risk and continue to share outdoor spaces with our customers.

Specific Canoe Trail Measures

· Antibacterial gel, we have always had antibacterial gel on hand on our programmes and activities linked to weils disease (leptospirosis) carried by rodents. Consequently we are encouraging our customers to use gel at the end of sessions and wash hands as often as possible.
· Washing hands more frequently – our staff work in the outdoors and hold first aid qualifications, food hygiene and other instructor qualifications. They understand the need to wash hands and maintain high standards of personal hygiene and will continue to practice this even more.
· Outdoor spaces are free of air conditioning, concentrated meeting spots and higher risk areas so offer a good place to enjoy physical activities, de-stress and reduce the contact risk.
· Travel arrangements, canoe Trail have always offered a complimentary lift for drivers (peak periods) and their groups back to the start. This is in one of our land rovers or vans, you can order a taxi or use your own transport if you would prefer to avoid this shared space potentially with other customers.
· Independent Travel, we are recommending independent travel wherever possible using your family car, our Bedford circular paddling routes, half day or full day trips, Bedford to our woodland campsite and returning to Bedford all mean you reduce third party contact.
· Self Isolation, when attending one of our programmes if you do develop any symptoms you are responsible for self isolating, including any returning travel, accommodation or similar.

General Advice and Guidance

The Government Advice ...

· Self isolation – the government and medical advice is to self isolate for 7 days if you experience any of the main symptoms; high temperature, new continuous cough or shortness of breath. Help to stop the spread of Covid 19 spreading by isolating yourself.
· High risk countries – if you or people you have come into contact with have returned from high risk countries then please avoid contact with others and again self isolate
· Contact with other people – avoid physical contact with other people wherever possible.