The Woods is a great place to rewild yourself and your family or group by exploring and shelter building.

Here are a few ideas for a day in the woods. We have a selection of things already in place within our private woodland including:

  1. Pond Dipping - Grab a bucket and net (great for all ages) and get close to nature along the stream or river.
  2. Explore - Search for wildlife, draw or write down what you see. There are over 300 acres of beautiful riverside land around the Grange estate. The national cycle route 51 passes behind the site and we have lots of animals and wildlife to spot including geese, deer, birds of prey, kingfishers, otters, and woodpeckers to name a few.
  3. Create a Bug Hotel - Taking the lead from the RSPB adverts and campaigns we built some bug houses and hotels for insects and bugs to enjoy the woodland too. We were lucky enough to have help from the lovely team at Ordnance Survey to help make that happen. 
  4. Vegetable Patch - We also created a vegetable patch with a few tasty vegetables for you to enjoy. Obviously, they are seasonal and available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  5. Build a Rope swing - We have two simple rope swing areas when you can play with our little rope swing areas.
  6. Climb A Tree - We are creating an extension to our low ropes team-building area (available for larger groups) and requiring supervision. This is our new climbing wall tree with a selection of climbing holds to try your mountaineering skills. Obviously being as it is a woodland there are also plenty of trees to climb.
  7. Picnic - We have built two pizza/bread ovens adjacent to the campfire circles in Base Camp and Ickle Camp. You can light your fire, build embers and heat before trying our woodland bread and pizzas. Make this part of your family or group adventure in the woodland.



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