Autumn is one of my favourite times for camping, adventures and getting out on to the water.

It is a time of change as vivid greens transform into Autumnal hews with golden brown colours cladding the river banks. It is also a busy time in nature as the wildlife prepares for colder times, squirrels and other mammals are frantically storing food in their local larders. The air temperature although cooling is welcoming and with the right layers of clothing and a good sleeping bag you are guaranteed some refreshing fresh air miles and nights under starry skies. With us so far? Good then we can carry on explaining the benefits of Autumn adventures…

Nature is busy

As highlighted above nature is always busy as the seasons roll and change from Summer into Autumn, the nights begin to draw in and people generally love the fall colours. We have seen foxes, squirrels and deer this week adapting to the changing landscape with less. Cover, food storage and foraging taking on new urgency.

Warm Waters

Whilst the water may not be the heady bath temperature of the summer they remain warm but refreshing and with the upsurge in open water and cold water swimming there is plenty of time to enjoy the a dip, canoeing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. We are still getting plenty of inquiries for general hire, paddling events and activities as Autumn takes hold.

Quieter Times

We are often asked how to escape the crowds and well trodden trails? Our usual response is to either start early or finish late to enjoy quieter waters or alternatively paddle across more of the seasons. Spring and Autumn as well as the occasional winter day offer higher river levels, vibrant colours and less tourists. Given our day job serving tourism in the summer we generally get time off for good behaviour in the winter and rarely see another soul.

Colour Kaleidoscope

It’s a photographers dream as the leave curl, change colour and drop from their secure fixings leaving the trees bare. On calm days the reflections are breath taking offering mirror like symmetry and beauty. Staring out now from our office onto the field at our outdoor centre I can literally see an artist’s palette of reds, browns and orange magnificence.

GB Activity Break

The Ultimate Staycation For years the general trend has been for been to Britain to enjoy a series of mini/ short break activity holidays embracing the great outdoors. Typically people enjoy 2-3 such breaks a year. Since COVID the ‘staycation’ phenomenon has been on the rise with many of us rediscovering the ‘Great’ in Great Britain. Swim, hike, bike, paddle and much more as seen an exponential rise in outdoor activities in the UK. Book your next breaks to boost your well- being.

Boost Well-being

Fresh air miles, endorphins and spending time with friends and family whilst paddling and canoeing is a recognised boost for mental health and well-being. Build resilience, clear your mind and reflect on the important things. An Autumn break is a the perfect pit stop after the summer and before Christmas. Don’t just take our word for it!? Canoe Trail has featured in national press and media including Wanderlust, Daily Telegraph, The Times 

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