Primarily we are SUP paddlers. Canoe Trail teacheshires, and retails Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP’s) for the Bedford, Northants, and Milton Keynes area. We have some of the best SUP brands for sale that we know and love. We have been offering Stand Up Paddleboarding since it first emerged and have used Red Paddle Co, Naish, Two Bare Feet, Swell Hunter, and Pelican in our fleet.

We often receive requests from novice to advanced paddlers to help them purchase the best stand-up paddleboard. Our coaches love paddling across different disciplines including whitewater, canoe touring, SUP, expeditions, and surf. We use SUP's in white water, surf, and general touring, so we can offer advice on the different shapes, styles, and volumes of boards.

Your Questions Answered

What size and shape SUP do I need?

You need to consider how the board will float, the stability for your activity, and your body weight. In terms of width, 28” or 26” is considered narrow. They are fast but less stable. 33" or 34" wide offers good stability. Start going wider and the boards become more sluggish and less fun to paddle. Wider boards can be used for riding rapids.

  • 8' to 10'4" For a smaller and lighter person or child, these agile boards can be fun for surfing waves. Boards under 9 feet in length are usually designed for ocean or river surfing, but the lack of volume makes it harder to stay balanced for general paddling.
  • 10'4" to 10'6" Popular size which is good for learning, leisure paddling, or yoga.
  • 10'8" Most stable boards which can be used with a dog or child on the front of the board. Good for the heavier rider up to 17 stone.
  • 11' to 12'6" Generally sleeker and efficient design for touring and speed.
  • 12'6" to 14' Super efficient, speed, straight tracking, fast can be used in a race and takes more skill to manoeuver.

Suitable Stand Up Paddleboard on the sea

Can I take my dog on a SUP?

Yes, people do take a four-legged friend with them on trips. For safety, we recommend using a dog buoyancy aid. Generally, you will want a durable and stable board like a 10'8" and it will take practice paddling! Consider the protection of the boards from paws - you can buy dog footwear and mats for grip.

Do I need a license to SUP?

Yes, the use of a paddleboard or any other unpowered craft on inland waterways requires a license. You can read our full article about river licensing here.

Do I need to buy a leash?

We recommend leashes are worn on open flat water like lakes, lochs, and the sea. When it comes to paddling rivers and moving water with the chance of entanglement (eg trees) we recommend a buoyancy aid rather than a leash. We always recommend buoyancy aids for all paddlesports. If you want a leash then research as there are different types such as ankle and waist.

What is the best SUP you offer?

RED boards are the leaders in paddleboard quality with their experience in manufacturing and development. Things like construction (such as molded fins), materials, and 5 year warranty make them leaders in their field.

Standup paddleboard is a social activity


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