So the Government Roadmap has landed and we are very excited to announce that we can open for paddling trips (short and full-day trips) from the 29th March. Just in time to book an adventure on the water during the Easter holidays.

20% OFF for a limited time

To celebrate the opening of our 2021 Season, we would like to offer our wonderful customers a 20% DISCOUNT on our popular short and full-day trips. A welcome boost to help enjoy a much-needed day of fun. Hurry, the following code will expire at 18:00 on Monday 1st March.

Use the following code


Expires 18:00 on 01/03/2021


Book with confidence - FLEXI BOOKING

We believe that the end of the pandemic is in sight but we want to reassure you that we will be continuing our 'Flexi Booking' approach for the coming season. This means that if there are local lockdowns or COVID travel restrictions imposed in your area or a National lockdown that will impact your chosen booking dates, we will move your booking accordingly. Please note that in line with our normal policy, bookings are valid for 24 months from the dates of the booking, so you rest assured that we can move your booking to suit you.


In response to customer feedback, we are delighted to announce the launch of a new booking system! It is used by many activity companies and tourism boards all over the world. The updated booking system allows you to view and book available trips and craft in a user-friendly format. Confirmation is sent directly to you with a QR code to use on the day.

Even more river routes

We are delighted to re-launch our Kempston paddling trips, enabling our customers to explore another stunning part of the river, bursting with wildlife.

Camping trips update

Of course, we can't wait to open our paddle and camping trips, and we are aiming for the 12th of April. This is the earliest possible date and may move back slightly depending on guidance. You're welcome to book a voucher, which is valid for 24 months, and contact us when you are ready to use it.


  • Your responsibility: We would love you to visit, but please don’t if you have any symptoms that could be COVID-19.
  • Sanitisation and Cleaning: We have cleaning regimes are in place using antibacterial sprays and detergents.
  • Social Distancing: We encourage social distancing. Please, be sure to maintain social distancing and respect those around you.
  • Be Kind: Please remember that due to COVID some situations can be stressful and we are all in this together. We want all our guests to feel happy and safe, so please respect other visitors and staff during your visit.



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