Canoe Trail Paddling Adventures

Please note, because of COVID-19, we are currently only running selected trips found here.

Canoe Trail runs paddling adventures in Scotland, Europe, and Canada. Over the years we have established top destinations to enable people to have a real adventure off the beaten track.

We have kayaked and canoed thousands of miles on multiple adventures and journeys. We often write and photograph them for magazines. Browse our current expeditions to find your adventure of a lifetime. You can also prepare for a canoeing or kayaking expedition with our professional paddlesport courses.

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How to Pack for a Paddling Expedition
Kit and Equipment List for Kayaking and Canoeing

We often get asked, What shall I pack for a day or night kayaking or canoeing on the River? 

Whilst this list is not exhaustive it should provide you with a few clues and ideas for things to bring. Pack light and save your arms and back! Because you cannot remember everything off the top of your head, make a list, and check it twice. Use this list to get you started.

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